Monday, June 23, 2014

40 doesn't really suck THAT much

Since he was a mere 25 years old, my husband has been saying with a groan, "I'm getting old."
I used to laugh at and contradict him. Now I get to finally say, "Yes. Yes, you are."

This past May he turned 40. I think he's learning how young 25 really was. In another 15 years, he'll figure out how young 40 was. And then in another...well, you get the idea.

He didn't want a big party because, well, he's kind of an introvert, but did I let his little old opinion stop me? Of course not! Because I am most definitely not an introvert and this party was all about me anyway.

Feeling not-so-creative, I went for the "40 sucks" theme and it was pretty darn fun to do. Enough of me rambling about how lucky I am to have the best husband in the world (oh, did I not mention that before?), here's what it looked like!

First, the invitations: "you're invited to help make Mark's 40th birthday not so sucky..." blah blah blah.

For dinner, I did a taco bar which turned out to be quite amazing with the help of my sister-in-law’s guacamole and fresh pico de gallo and my mom making sure the serving dishes were replenished. Yes, there were lots of little things to do and cut up and serve, but it was all done ahead of time, so I could just enjoy the party and not make the birthday boy get stuck at the grill all night. I even had my meltdown a few days earlier, so I got that part of hosting out of the way before the party started too. I will not post pictures of food, especially Mexican food, because pictures of food always look like pictures of partially digested food.

The decorations were suckers. Oh so clever, right? I stole the idea from my friend and, well, hundreds of other party throwers who posted the same idea online.

The challenge of cooking for a big group was nothing compared to the stress I caused myself over the cake.  I wanted to make something amazing for him because he always gets the “oh, crap! I need to make a cake, don’t  I?” cake. I wanted something that looked like it sucked, but that didn’t actually suck, so I chose a sucky day at the golf course. Little did I know that I needed an engineering degree just to build the stand for the leaning tower of cake. Please, be impressed.

                                                                               Oh yes, I did.          

It was a fun party with lots of friends and family. I'm happy to be married to a much, MUCH older man.

Isn't he pretty hot for an old guy?

oh, and this happened... 

thankfully not until cake was being served.

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