Saturday, October 11, 2014

the end of the birthday season.

We couldn't decide what cake to make. What do you do for a 2 year old who doesn't really care? Every time I asked my son what he wanted on his cake, he would agree with every suggestion. Do you want Spider Man? Yes, Spider Man. Do you want Minions? Yes, Minions. Do you want butterflies? Yes, butterflies. Do you want cake? Yes, cake, Momma. There was no deciding and I was at a loss and feeling rather uncreative after having just made another kid's cake last week.

His big sister knows him so well.  She suggested that I put some of his favorite things to play with on his cake.  "You know, Mom.  The remote, Dad's phone, the salt and pepper shakers, gumballs." She's a brilliant little 8 year old. So I did. She's my official cake consultant from now on.  The best part.  I get to decide the flavor.  CHOCOLATE with cookies and cream filling.

So after he opened each gift and played with it for 15 minutes before opening the next, we finally ate this delicious cake:

Happy birthday, little dude!  You sure are fun.

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