Saturday, June 30, 2012

adopted cupcakes

One of my favorite customers is a social worker in the Twin Cities. I can't imagine how difficult her job is: how gut wrenching it can be at times and how rewarding it can be too. It's a position I respect immensely, but it's also one that I can't imagine myself doing. I get way too emotionally involved in situations, so I think I would have meltdown after meltdown if I were to take on the job. Kate is just the woman for the job and she happens to be incredibly thoughtful and generous, always going the extra mile.

Today, when she came to pick up some cupcakes (root beer float flavored with pinwheels toppers like these) for an adoption party for 2 of her kids, she briefly told me the story of the beautiful children. She told of how much they had gone through in their few years on earth and how great their newly adopted parents are. My heart melted more than a little as she told me there were family members who'd flown in from out of state to celebrate with them. These dear children, who might have otherwise been considered too old to adopt, now not only have parents that love them, but also a huge extended family full of love for them. Not to mention how thrilled the parents have to be to add to their family with these two adorable kids (I saw pictures...they're cute, believe me!).

I know I'm not really a part of the celebration or the process, but today I feel like I do more than just run a bake shop out of my home. When the event is something so lovely, it makes me feel like I'm doing something sort of important. I know it's a stretch to think baking cupcakes is important, but when the sweets are going to celebrate a new start for these children and parents, it has a certain extra reward for me.

I love happy endings and pray for nothing but blessings on this beautiful family! Thank you Kate, for letting me play a tiny part from a distance.

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