Friday, July 29, 2011

Dabbling in Car Mechanics

If you ever go get a lacquer or gel know the kind that is guaranteed for 2 weeks without chipping and is totally dry right away...I have good news for you!  No need to go in to the nail salon and pay $10 to have them do the polish soak-off with acetone.  I have learned that brake fluid does the trick!  It's water soluble and it's only $6 for a bottle.  WHAT A DEAL!

"This is ruining my manicure."
(Words my brother admits he had never heard before while changing brakes)

I have officially become a mechanic!  Yesterday I changed the brakes, rotors and calipers on my sister's 2005 Toyota Sienna.  And I did it all by myself!

Ok, not really...

I should probably admit that I worked with my brother and my dad.

And I should probably mention that the minivan was already up on jacks and the wheels were removed when I got to my brother's house.

And I should probably tell you that my dad was telling me what to do, step by step, the whole time.

And I might want to mention that there was a rusted on rotor that I couldn't pound off, so my brother used his brawn and brain to remove both of them. 

I should probably admit that I didn't put any of the wheels back on at the end.

So, I really did less than half the work.

...and I don't do clean up.

But, I DID take off and replace the front driver's side caliper and brake pads all by myself and I got to be the official "brake pedal pusher" when we bled the brake fluid at the end of the installation.  It was a very satisfying project and I'm one step further in my quest to take over the world in my dabbling in everything!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Organizing the Abyss

My dear friend Lisa and I were having a girl's day out and when we took a break for lunch she showed me something she had made.  I was so excited about it that I made it the next day:  it was a purse organizer.  Who knew you could actually organize the abyss of crap in the bottom of your purse so you don't have to dig and dig for your phone or keys or your lipstick?  I was thrilled!  I found a basic tutorial online, but tweeked it a little and am now furnishing you all with my own.

Here it is: little pockets for everything.  Just fold it up, stick in your purse.  When you want to change purses, take the whole thing out and switch purses!  I'm in love.  The whole thing took me about an hour to make. 

And yes, I'm in the stage of life that I have to carry around extra little Hello Kitty undies, so while you're at it,  go ahead and make fun of the other contents of my purse too...sunscreen, bandaids, emergancy tweezers (despite my anti-public-tweezing policy), and lipstick.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Oh, Sweet Baby Cakes!

I'm running out of clever cake titles, so enjoy them while they're still here.

This is a cake I made this week for a friend who was throwing a shower for her sister-in-law.  I love it when people give me a basic direction with a little freedom to be creative, and my friend was the perfect client.  She gave me the basic idea and colors and let me do my thing. 

The menu: Lemon Cake with Raspberry Cream and Lemon Custard swirled together with my favorite buttercream frosting.  I'm always impressed when people ask for something that's not on my favorites list and it ends up being amazingly delicious.  Good pick, Evangela! 

I took these pictures before I put the ribbon trim and bow on the cardboard, so it looked a little more put together when it was delivered.

I saw a onesie online with this wording and it made me laugh:

snaps (my favorite part!)