Friday, July 29, 2011

Dabbling in Car Mechanics

If you ever go get a lacquer or gel know the kind that is guaranteed for 2 weeks without chipping and is totally dry right away...I have good news for you!  No need to go in to the nail salon and pay $10 to have them do the polish soak-off with acetone.  I have learned that brake fluid does the trick!  It's water soluble and it's only $6 for a bottle.  WHAT A DEAL!

"This is ruining my manicure."
(Words my brother admits he had never heard before while changing brakes)

I have officially become a mechanic!  Yesterday I changed the brakes, rotors and calipers on my sister's 2005 Toyota Sienna.  And I did it all by myself!

Ok, not really...

I should probably admit that I worked with my brother and my dad.

And I should probably mention that the minivan was already up on jacks and the wheels were removed when I got to my brother's house.

And I should probably tell you that my dad was telling me what to do, step by step, the whole time.

And I might want to mention that there was a rusted on rotor that I couldn't pound off, so my brother used his brawn and brain to remove both of them. 

I should probably admit that I didn't put any of the wheels back on at the end.

So, I really did less than half the work.

...and I don't do clean up.

But, I DID take off and replace the front driver's side caliper and brake pads all by myself and I got to be the official "brake pedal pusher" when we bled the brake fluid at the end of the installation.  It was a very satisfying project and I'm one step further in my quest to take over the world in my dabbling in everything!

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