Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Organizing the Abyss

My dear friend Lisa and I were having a girl's day out and when we took a break for lunch she showed me something she had made.  I was so excited about it that I made it the next day:  it was a purse organizer.  Who knew you could actually organize the abyss of crap in the bottom of your purse so you don't have to dig and dig for your phone or keys or your lipstick?  I was thrilled!  I found a basic tutorial online, but tweeked it a little and am now furnishing you all with my own.

Here it is: little pockets for everything.  Just fold it up, stick in your purse.  When you want to change purses, take the whole thing out and switch purses!  I'm in love.  The whole thing took me about an hour to make. 

And yes, I'm in the stage of life that I have to carry around extra little Hello Kitty undies, so while you're at it,  go ahead and make fun of the other contents of my purse too...sunscreen, bandaids, emergancy tweezers (despite my anti-public-tweezing policy), and lipstick.

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