Saturday, July 9, 2011

Oh, Sweet Baby Cakes!

I'm running out of clever cake titles, so enjoy them while they're still here.

This is a cake I made this week for a friend who was throwing a shower for her sister-in-law.  I love it when people give me a basic direction with a little freedom to be creative, and my friend was the perfect client.  She gave me the basic idea and colors and let me do my thing. 

The menu: Lemon Cake with Raspberry Cream and Lemon Custard swirled together with my favorite buttercream frosting.  I'm always impressed when people ask for something that's not on my favorites list and it ends up being amazingly delicious.  Good pick, Evangela! 

I took these pictures before I put the ribbon trim and bow on the cardboard, so it looked a little more put together when it was delivered.

I saw a onesie online with this wording and it made me laugh:

snaps (my favorite part!)

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  1. You should've put my dad's comment on there when we told him we were pregnant with #1 - "You play you pay."