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So, you're asking about Cakes and Cupcakes?  Here is everything (well, probably not EVERYTHING) you need to know, but it's a good start. Let's start out with a few pictures,

*All cakes may contain: soy, gluten, dairy and probably any other allergen.  Not certified peanut free, but unless it's a peanut butter flavor, I don't add peanut products.  I am not responsible for allergies.

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Peony garden

M&M and Books



Star Power

Silver Surfer

Spider Man


Iron Man


Captain America

~~~~ Prices  ~~~~
size/shape base price  number of servings                 (1" x 2")
6" ROUND $35   12  
8" ROUND $70   24  
9" ROUND $95   32  
10" ROUND $110   38  
12" ROUND $165   56  
14" ROUND $230   78  
6" SQUARE $50   18  
8" SQUARE $85   32  
10" SQUARE $140   50  
12" SQUARE $200   72  
14" SQUARE $265   96  
basic butter icing included      
meringue buttercream $5-10 per tier (depending on size)
special filling (other than frosting) included      
gum paste, fondant or chocolate or other add-on decorations extra hourly      
  extra hourly      
Cupcakes $2.25-5.00 each see next tab  
Tea Cakes $15-20 each single serving individual cakes
Cake Pops $1.50-5.00 each    
delivery fee (within 25 miles) $25 basic cakes and cupcakes
$75 3+ tier party cakes
Prices include basic fondant, but not extra decorative fondant work, which is charged hourly.

~~~~cupcake Prices  ~~~~
size/shape base price
Basic cupcakes with buttercream $25 / dozen
Filling added $5 / dozen
Meringue buttercream $5 / dozen
Floral or decorative frosting $5 / dozen
fondant or gumpast decoration hourly

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