Sunday, October 4, 2015

a very tiny party

I could not have been more thrilled when my tiny girl wanted a tiny party for her 7th birthday.  She had never had (nor really wanted) a party with school friends before this year and she invited just 5 of her special friends. She is such an appreciative child, never expecting special treatment, but reveling in it when it comes her way.  She loves feeling special, so she had a wonderful moment of thrill when each of her 5 friends RSVP'd that they could come.  She anticipated for months and planned with me for weeks with her ideas.  The day finally came!  So, to make you all think I'm extra amazing and wonderful and all, I share with you her special day.

tiny welcome

tiny cakes

tiny table decorations

 tiny place card, tiny forks and spoons, tiny party hat

tiny hot dogs, cookies, french fries, Rice Krispy treats

tiny balloons

 tiny party games

tiny craft


Happy tiny Birthday, sweet girl!

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