Saturday, October 24, 2015

Cars, not Trains

We finally finished up the last family birthday this year.  By the time I get to October, I'm partied out.  I like making the cakes.  I love it, but when I've got dinner and gifts and table setting and the entire party to throw, even if it's just family, by the time I get to the cake, I'm out of all desire to do anything else.

My son had been asking for a Thomas the Train cake for weeks, but I didn't want to make it.  I knew he'd be asking where is Percy and Gordon and Diesel and James and every other stupid train that's on that stupid show and I didn't want to use 45 different colors of fondant and have to make a dozen little engines and I knew I'd miss one.  Then  he got this great idea for a Paw Patrol cake. (I shut that one down right away)

So, nice mom that I am, I googled a bunch of Cars cake pictures and convinced him that he wanted a cake with Lightning McQueen ("Li-a-queen" as the 3 year old calls it and he argues with me as to the correct pronunciation.  He can actually say the real name, he just thinks it's wrong).  It's a measly three colors - so much less work than a colorful little train engine (or 12).  I patted myself on the back and went to work.  I think he was still a little disappointed that it wasn't Thomas, but in the end, he liked the cake and wanted to watch the movie the next day.

Here's the idea I knocked off from someone...

It was a fun party and he was a little mad when he ate the front of the car because he couldn't pretend to drive it any more.  I didn't feel bad for him.  I was sad that he destroyed my car.

His sister made him a 3D paper car with a sock monkey driver.  We were all impressed.

 Happy Birthday, little guy!  Welcome to 3. 

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