Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Construction Season

We have only 2 seasons here in Minnesota.  Winter and Construction.  Construction season has been the worst ever during the past few years.  I generally have one place to go during rush hour and all 5 routes to that one place was shut down or had major lane closures and back-ups for the last two years.  This summer, none of my routes are shut down (yet), but every other route is, so all of the traffic has migrated to my routes.  My son continues to be obsessed with construction equipment, so he naturally requested a construction cake "with real trucks on top" for his birthday.

This cake, from last fall, was my own way of venting about MN-DOT as well as celebrating the completion of all the season's projects. My son was pretty excited to have his cake and he didn't seem to care that I was being a jerk all over it (but I know I'm not the only one who felt this way).

You know you've seen this sign before.

I don't think that date is an exaggeration.

I realize this isn't exactly an accurate portrayal.
In reality, there would be 12 guys watching him sleep.

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