Wednesday, May 24, 2017

the very specific cake

I realize I've not posted much for cakes this past year.  It's not because I've not been baking, but because I've been lazy in posting. I'm trying to catch up on all the things I've failed to brag about, so I'm hoping to post a few things this week. I know. You've missed me, dear followers - all 3 of you.

I've mentioned before how I have a child who starts planning her next year's birthday cake the day after her birthday.  She's drawn up plans for her next one already. Hoping she changes her mind from a cow jumping over a rainbow over a pile of emoji's.

This one was executed precisely as she described it and she was giddy.

"I want the grumpy red M&M guy reading a book under a fall tree and I want M&M's around the bottom of the cake."


I couldn't help but think of a favorite teacher at our school who loves both reading and M&M's.  Except she's not grumpy...or red.

Happy Birthday girl!

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