Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Even bacon."
- Kelly DiPucchio 

My oldest asked for unlimited bacon for her birthday dinner. Unlimited BLT's for an extended family birthday party. It only took 3 of us 2 hours to cook it all and I could've probably made 80 bars of soap with the leftover grease.

She wanted a bacon party which meant bacon on her cake too. And a pig. (Because she's my mini-me when it comes to humor)

So, because I'm inclined to spoil my children once a year, she got maple glazed bacon with a pig on a chocolate cake. It was a challenge to make this cake while on vacation 1000 miles from my kitchen, so I made the pig ahead of time and brought the rest with me to make on-site. She wanted him to be on a blue cake that looked like dirt. Specific, ugly and easier than fondant.

I did like the pig, though. But I kinda felt bad for him.

 Poor little piggy.  Happy little girl.

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