Wednesday, July 3, 2013

they just keep having birthdays

My newly-turned-seven daughter loves to wait until the last minute to decide on her birthday.  This year, she couldn't figure out if she wanted a friends party or an extended family party.  Finally 3 days before her birthday, she decided that she wanted to invite friends.  

So, we had an extended family party.

She finally decided that she wanted a tea party.

We had a cookout.

But I did make her a tea party cake.  She wanted a 2 tiered cake, even though I knew we'd never eat all the cake.

She loves "Pink Teddy" and she loves her sister, so on the cake was her "Pink Teddy" and her sister's "Hippy" bunny having a tea party on her polkadot blanket.

She was pretty thrilled and I even let the girls put some of the decorations on.  I never do that, so their "Mommy, you make the best cakes in the whole world!" and "Only God makes better cakes than you!" comments did well for them.

Here's the tea party.  Happy Birthday, my sweet 7 year old!


  1. Just about the cutest thing I've ever seen. What wonderful memories you are creating. Great job!

  2. Cutest cake I've ever seen. My sons better give me granddaughters some day.