Saturday, June 8, 2013

boys will be boys

Me: I need to write a blog
Him (barely listening): OK...
Me: I haven't written anything funny lately.
Him: uh huh...OK
Me: Are you listening? What can I write about that's funny?
Him: Write about farts. Farts are funny.

Growing up with 3 sisters and a brother, we did not talk did not acknowledge bodily functions. Someone left the bathroom smelling nasty, we ignored it. Someone passed gas, it didn't really happen. If one of us tried to comment on the smelly butt, that was the one that got the look of shame, not the one with the gas problem. "Nice girls don't say that word."

It was what it was. I thought every family was that way.

Then I met my husband.

He is from a family of all boys. His mother is the sole woman in the family of 6, bless her heart. Every time he and his brothers get together, they regress into their boyish discussions about gas and poop. I'm pretty sure that not a family function has gone by where my husband and his brothers are not bent over with their sides splitting of laughter about gas or poop. I like to think I'm somewhat amusing, but has he ever laughed uncontrollably when I say something funny? Nope. But when his brother farts, he can't contain himself. It's rather distressing to me that this is the only thing he finds hilarious, but boys will be boys, no matter what age they are.  I guess there are worse things.

So, there you are. Clearly I am grasping at straws for subject matter. Inspired by my husband, I blogged about farts.


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