Friday, July 14, 2017

a dollop of cake

My now 11-year-old daughter is hilarious. Yesterday she had me laughing so hard with her quick wit and creative humor.  I have repeated her jokes over and over because, well, she's funny and I am starting to mimic my dad in telling the same jokes over and over again so I need new material.

She had her cake all figured out and I was willing to make it, but I have to admit, it was a little boring compared to her bacon feast or Rapunzel's tower.  One night we were sitting down at our Taco Friday dinner, reprimanding her for nearly emptying the huge tub of sour cream on one taco. I said something about making her a cake filled with sour cream and she joked, "I should have my cake look like the sour cream tub."

I laughed at her joke, "You really should!"

"Wait, can you actually make it look like sour cream?"

"Yes, I can."


"Yes, if you share the rest of the tub on the table with your brother and sister."

This one is only slightly bigger than the Costco size tub we normally buy.

I asked some of her friends describe her with one word.  Unanimously, they agreed on "crazy."

Looks like she expired a long time ago. So don't eat.

Happy, Birthday, crazy girl!

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