Thursday, August 17, 2017

magically sweet retirement ahead

There are few cakes I get to make that make me squeal in delight with every added detail. This was one of those cakes from idea to delivery. My friend Cora contacted me and asked if I would make her Aunt a retirement cake. When she told me that her Aunt was most excited about working on her fairy garden during retirement, I could hardly contain my joy! A grown up fairy garden cake is way more fun to make than one for a 4 year old because I can use colors besides pink and green.  I went overboard on the pictures, but since Cora didn't get to see the finished cake in person, it seemed like the right thing to do so she can see it up close too.

The moss roof is a homemade sugar cookie, covered with frosting and cookie crumbs.


Cora was my "fairy consultant" and she made sure I was properly educated in fairy culture and put to rest my presuppositions. She made sure I knew where glitter comes from. I don't know if you can see the glitter trail on the roof because it doesn't show up in photos as well as in person.

The wings only took me 3 tries to get right. FYI, gelatin shrinks until it dries.

Congratulations, Chris! I wish you a very sparkly and magical retirement!

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