Saturday, June 25, 2011

all "Tangled" up in birthday cake

I can't believe my oldest baby girl is 5 years old already!  We were going to have only a family party, but then decided we would let her have a very small party and allow her to invite a couple friends and her cousin who lives nearby.  It made for a fairly inexpensive affair and she had so much fun shopping for party favors and filling the bags for each person.

I blame my friend Shanna for this particular cake.  She calls me crazy, but she's the one that gives me all my ideas.  I think she secretly is trying to make me go insane.  I emailed her and asked her for any ideas how to make a Rapunzel/Tangled cake.  She said "how cute would it be to make the tower?"  That said, it was one of those cakes that when it was done, I was nearly dancing around the room, and when we cut into it, a small part of my heart died a bit.  So, thank you, Shanna, for challenging me to be crazy.

In case you're wondering, I made the tower out of Rice Krispies (thank you, Cake Boss), and carved a hole in the middle of my cake to add a little extra support.  There you have it.  It was a big project and lots of fun.  It's 99.5% edible.  The only non-food was the embroidery floss I used for the hair.  It was pretty funny when I walked outside to my husband to say, "I'm sorry I couldn't help sooner, honey, I was busy putting hair on the cake." - To which he replied, "Well, that's just gross."

The best part of the project was working on the flowers and grass with my mother.  She taught me how to make butter cream roses.  It's been a while since my mom and I worked on a project together and it was a relaxing and fun time despite the "work" of it.

White chocolate sprinkles cake with blond cookies and cream filling - per the birthday girl's request.  YUM!

And there you have it!  She's a pretty special girl.


  1. Jill, it's FAB! Amazing....but you're out of control. :)

  2. Jill,Thank you for sharing this experience. Reading it made me feel a lot, mostly joy!

  3. best cake ever and soooooo yummy!!! you are amazing (or maybe a little crazy).

  4. I LOVE the invitations too!