Friday, June 27, 2014

101 cupcakes

I've learned my lesson. Well, I should say, I've learned a lesson. Each daughter starts discussing her birthday cake whenever I make a cake and I used to go with that idea and start planning...until she changes her mind and gives me the newer, more wonderful idea. My younger girl even goes so far as to draw me a picture of what she wants which is different each time she designs it. Her birthday is in the fall and she's currently decided on Smurfs. I'll be shocked if I actually blog a smurf cake in a few months. After 50 ideas and "I've decided on what I really really want" statements, I was thrilled when my older daughter decided on a 101 Dalmatians birthday party. A month before her birthday she made her decision and I figured by then it was safe to start planning the party.

It was a movie night slumber party with only a few girls and she had to have the cartoon version to watch projected on the wall with theater popcorn, candy and other theater fare. What made me the most thrilled was that I knew it would be an easy cake (and pretty easy party too). A small cake, a dog on top, a few spots.  Only when it came down to it, I couldn't just make it easy, could I? No, of course not. No, no, no, I just had to go and add cupcakes, didn't I? And what's 101 Dalmatians without Cruella? She's my favorite.

Did I mention that she's my favorite?

Happy Birthday, Sweetness! It's been an incredible 8 years!

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