Friday, July 6, 2012

Raggedy Flip Flops

My sister sent me an idea of replacing the rubber tops of flip flops with fabric and knots and I liked the idea a lot, but I didn't know how they would hold up. I started experimenting with my daughters' new stash of $1 flip flops we bought last week. I let the girls pick out the fabric and the flip flops (with a bit of direction from mom). I borrowed the general idea from another source, but this finished product is my own experimentation.

You'll need:
4 long strips of fabric, flip flops, scissors and flip flop glue

 Tie tightly so the short end is toward the toes.

Wrapping the short end inside, wrap around over the top toward the inside all the way around until you get to the center. You may want to glue as you go for extra strength.

Repeat with other side.

Tie knot around the top center.

Tie a bow tightly and trim long ends of fabric.

 Glue knots in place at base and bow.

Just add feet.

Thanks, Julie!

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