Saturday, May 10, 2014

for Macy

I do love the beauty of new life that's created by motherhood whether it be a biological birth or an adoption. Babies are beautiful and they change our lives forever. I have lots of friends that are starting families for the first time and it brings back memories of my first baby. I had to have the best of most things and if it wasn't the best, it had to look like it was. Decorating the nurseries for each of my 3 children was the joy of each pregnancy. I need not remind you that I hated being pregnant. Don't get me wrong. I am beyond grateful for it, but I still hated it.

I can't say that I've ever mourned my children moving out of the baby stage, and though I look back with an array of memories of joys and difficulties, I am so enjoying that my daughters are growing into respectful, kindhearted and fun girls. I love that I can take one on an errand and she thinks it's a date. I don't look back with longing. I don't for one minute wish they were babies again (though I may when they start exploring defiance and sass as teenagers). I did not have a sense of loss when we made "arrangements" to make sure we were not having more children. I am almost 100% certain I will not mourn when my son turns 2 or 3 other than remembering the good old days when he didn't pee on the toilet seat. or the floor. or the walls.

I did, however, have a twinge of disappointment that I may never get to decorate a nursery again. That is, until my friend asked me to help her decorate her new baby girl's room. I was giddy. Not only did I get to decorate a baby room, but it was for a GIRL! Girl rooms are so fun because there are endless options!

So we shopped, and explored online and came up with one of my favorite rooms ever and I'm so excited to share it with you. I'm not the sole mastermind behind this design. I mostly just helped pick out the fabrics and sewed it all together. Baby's grandma made a lot of the decorations and her mom shopped and ultimately put it all together.

I've been waiting for baby to arrive to post this and little Macy joined the world this last week, so here is her beautiful new home!

These birds were the inspiration.

This eyelet was a must-have girly trim.

This bedding makes me so happy.


with tiebacks that you can't not love. 

This chair had upholstery that was so old that the foam cushion was disintegrating, so we picked a neutral fabric that could go in another nursery someday if and when that time comes. Well, smarter-than-I Mom picked it.  She was more sensible than I was when I suggested a mint and white leaf print upholstery. I like this better. My pick would have been too busy.

Opted for a curtain instead of outdated closet door. It's way more interesting than a door, don't you think?

and I just have to show you all the cutie little girly things stocking the very very organized closet. 

Book pocket to encourage reading time.

The rest of the room was not anything I created.
The credit for the rest of it's perfection goes to Macy's mom and grandmother.
Isn't this bird the cutest thing ever sitting above the closet? It just matches perfectly.

I love this little pom pom and the jar it sits in. I love the bird house. I love.

Cute little hair accessory holder made by Grandma. (I'm sure you're just as annoyed as I that the picture is crooked, but I'm too lazy to crop it right now, so deal with it)

These pictures only give you a glimpse of the room's cuteness and you'll never believe how organized it is! I remember the days when I was in control of my kids' rooms. Should I tell my friend that it will never look this neat again? Nah, we all need to live in our bubble for at least a little while.

Congratulations on the arrival of sweet and beautiful little Macy Victoria!

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