Friday, April 8, 2011

What I do

What do I do?  I do it all.  Jealous?  Some things I do well, some I do adequately, some things I'm lucky that I didn't spend too much money on because it goes straight into the trash.  Some would call me a dabbler, some a professional copycat.  I like to take other people's ideas improve upon them.  Does that make me a theif?  I think it just makes me better!  My friends call me creative and talented.  That's why they're my friends!  Don't we all like to surround ourselves with "yes men" who tell us how wonderful we are? 

Take, for example, the baby bib.  It's a great invention.  For the most part, mass market bibs are lacking in almost every way.  They shrink down to nothing when you wash them.  They soak up nothing because they're so thin.  The velcro-like closure is garbage and wears out almost instantly so the stupid thing won't even stay on.  On top of that, most of them are ugly sporting some dumb frog with a crown on it that say's "daddy's little princess" or some other idiotic catch phrase.  No wonder why the baby wants to vomit all over them!  A few years ago, when my oldest daughter was a baby, I started making my own bibs.  She was such a drooler that she was going through a dozen bibs a day and her clothes were still soaked through.  The ones I made needed to be cute because she was going to be wearing them all day.  They also needed to be absorbant.  I lined them with the heaviest terry cloth I could find.  I needed them to soak up the buckets of drool and spit-up she was producing.  A year or so later, my sister and I and (a couple small investors) started an online business, Hattie Rose Designs.  We worked for 2 solid years to make it a success, but ultimately, the economy was so wretched that we had to close our e-doors.  <insert sympathy groans here>

Here's a small sampling of my favorite designs of the one thing I like to do - baby bibs.  Some time soon, you will see some of these again on Etsy.  We've got some left over stock and they're too nice to sit in storage forever.

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