Friday, September 30, 2011

Candy Land Extravaganza

My youngest daughter kind of gets a raw deal each year for her birthday. She has a fall birthday and she didn't get a big birthday party for the first two years.  Until the kids are in school, we tend to keep parties to just family,  but with 23 cousins, but fall is when her cousins are in school and life becomes a whirlwind.  So this year we decided to do a big family party and invite everyone.  Much to our delight, many more than we expected came to celebrate her big day!

She had a Candyland theme party, stolen in it's entirety from my friend Tiffany.  Tiffany even gave me the adorable idea and wording for the invitations.  She loaned me the decorations for the party too.  The only thing that was my own idea was the cake, which I will focus on in today's post, but I have to show her invitations.  Thank you, Tiffany, for letting me copy your party idea!

The invitations:

The birthday girl with her special cake:

The cake:

The details:
I had the girls pose for their game pieces.

Candy hearts

Gumdrop Mountains and Peppermint Stick Forest

Gingerbread Plum Tree

Lollypop Woods

Ice Cream Floats

Home Sweet Home

More details:
Rainbow Trail

a view of the chimney
the ice cream cone fence

Mountain pass between the gumdrops

The inside:
Rainbow colored white chocolate cake with vanilla cookies and cream filling.

It was a fun party for a sweet little girl!


  1. Whoa...that looks awesome. I bet she loved it. Happy Birthday Gertie! Can't wait to see you and the family again.