Saturday, September 3, 2011

She's a Movie Star!

One of my best customers ordered up a fun cake for her daughter.  I could not have been more pleased when she said it was a movie star themed party, because I immediately had a great idea.  She is one of those great people who gives me a theme or idea and lets me fly with it.  When I have that kind of creative freedom, it gives me a desire to go the extra mile.  The painting details are fun to do and take a little extra time and care, but I think it adds a special touch.

So, for you, dear Kate, I've made a devils food cake with raspberry cream filling.  Hope your birthday makes you feel like a star!
The "granite" is black fondant painted with gray, white and silver flecks.

The gold detail was done with a paintbrush and a mixture of gold shimmer dust and a tiny bit of vodka.  The vodka changes the dust into a liquid paint and also dries faster than water.

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