Friday, November 4, 2011

dabbling in card making

I love bartering...for many reasons.  I love that I can share in someone else's expertise for something they can offer.  I have exchanged voice lessons for babysitting, cakes for photos, and a variety of other trades.  One I'm looking forward to is having our favorite nurse practitioner at our pediatrician office knit me a felted purse if I do the finishing work for one for her.  When you barter, you get things at cost, you get them more personalized and you know what to expect because you usually know someone's work already.

My latest exchange is with my favorite photographer,Olive Avenue Photography.  I designed and made thank you cards for her business and she is going to design my Christmas photo cards...if I ever pick my photos for her.  I used to make cards all the time, and I sometimes make them for something special, but I don't do it much any more for one reason or another.  When I'm commissioned to do something creative, I'm always up for the challenge.

Jess wanted something simple and classy, but also fun.  Here is what I came up with and I think she likes them!

 The envelope has one single heart front center.  Some with bubble dots, some without for mailing.

Anyone else want to barter?  If you'd like a list of my services available, let me know.  They are vast, because, as we all know, I'm so very wonderful and you know you wish you were me.  <insert laugh track here>

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